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"Protecting people, property and planet


Electrasafe is a social enterprise based in Northern Ireland. Our vision is to increase conservationism and the use of clean energy in communities and create a green and healthy world.

ELECTRASAFE was born in 2023 as a social enterprise. We are an

electrical compliance company based in Northern Ireland. ELECTRASAFE CIC (trading as ELECTRASAFE) is a social enterprise founded to provide services that encourage employment opportunities for persons farthest removed from the labour market, promote the usage of renewable energy within the third sector and provide financial support to charitable organisations for environmental projects.


The increased awareness of anthropomorphic climate change and the risks to our natural heritage has created a greater understanding of the need to change, develop new energy sources and provide safe green habitat for our future generations. Within the backdrop of these concerns we developed the business idea for Electrasafe and decided to launch a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the issues of clean energy, green space improvements and financing related charitable causes.


Reforestation/forest preservation carbon offset projects sequester CO2 emissions from the atmosphere in trees and soil and have many co-benefits for communities and local wildlife.

Only 2% of Ireland is covered by indigenous broad leaf tree species. In order for us to achieve net zero it is estimated that we need to plant at least 700km2 per year across the UK and Ireland. Wood is a sustainable resource and thanks to increasing tecnological advances, one that can be used as a reduced carbon building material.

Electrasafe are on a mission to increase the number of trees planted across Northern Ireland. Utilising under used green spaces, rewilding arable land and encouraging tree planting in and around public properties such as government buildings, schools etc. With the profits from our business and the funding from our sponsors we want to encourage, educate and provide trees for planting across our communities.

Green Technology

Harnassing the natural power of the elements is a vital component of any greener and brighter future. Here at Electrasafe, we want to encourage the usage of Solar PV across the domestic and commercial market but our mission is to ensure the voluntary and community sector are not left behind. Rising fuel and electricity costs are hugely damaging to small charities with premises for which they pay utilities.


We want to assist in the provision of green technology to help small charities reduce their carbon footprint and save them much needed money on their utility bills, which they can then reallocate to their own social objectives. We have ambitious goals to create partnerships to research and develop new green technology. We want to reduce the cost of green tech and ensure everyone can minimise their impact on the environment but maximise their social interactions and wellbeing.

Natural Environment

Our natural habitats are in decline. Our insect population has declined by  60% in the last 20 years.

These declines are happening at an alarming rate and without concerted action to address them we face a stark future. Insects and pollinators are fundamental to the health of our environment and rural economies.


We need action for all our wildlife now by creating more and bigger areas of habitats, providing corridors through the landscape for wildlife and allowing nature space to recover.

Electrasafe commit to providing community funding to encourage local communities and charities, both rural and urban, to create natural habitats, innovative projects and programmes to increase the number of native species.

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