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Become a sponsor

Amplify your organisation’s leadership across our community.


As a sponsor of Electrasafe, your company directly supports the business, a specific campaign or initiative. Sponsors receive unique benefits that show off their support of passion-areas they care most about.

We invite your brand and organisation to be among the changemakers as a sponsor of our social enterprise.

Funding us will of course provide you with all the sponsor benefits but sponsorship does not have to be in cash. We like skillshares, professional advice and product sponsorships as well.

Why sponsor Electrasafe?

  • Your brand promoted to a wide audience of industry related government, NGO and community organisations.

  • We can help you meet your CSR/ESG and Net Zero targets.

  • Development of interactive community, public and private sector projects.

  • Memorable networking events connecting you with professionals across the industry and the third sector.

  • Opportunities for your staff to be involved in volunteering.

  • Product development through connections to and visits with other non-profits and social enterprises.

All sponsors receive the full Base Benefits Package:


  • Complimentary registrations to attend events hosted by Electrasafe. Places may also be provided to external events.

  • Listing in press release and media communications.

  • Individual attendee recognition as a sponsor on-site.

  • Logo/listing recognition on the Electrasafe website, event communications and social media.

  • Initial press release to share across the world!

If you'd like to see what a sponsorship that fits your business needs looks like, please get in touch.


The Green Team

Amanda, Brian and Steve

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