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We are serious about our business and we know you are about yours.


Social Enterprise is a different way of doing business with the highest possible commitment to excellence in how we deal with people, employees, clients and customers. We are an honest broker; we aren't looking for faults so we can add to our bill through installation and repair works - we concentrate solely on compliance and testing. You can rest assured that your results are accurate and without bias.

By trusting and allowing Electrasafe to carry out your compliance and testing you can have full and complete confidence that your Electrical installations are safe and compliant to current IEE Wiring Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and that all Inspections and Testing is completed and carried out to the highest of standards and professionalism.

Social Value in Contracts

Social Value scoring is now in government contracts with a commitment of 10%, rising to 20% social value scoring in tenders. Protection of the environment and reducing the impacts of climate change is an important element of the social value scoring. As a social enterprise Electrasafe are perfectly positioned to help you meet these commitments. What's good for you're not being asked to pay for something new - compliance inspections and testing of electrics is something you need to do anyway. By contracting Electrasafe you literally, win - win.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment, Social, Governance

Even if you aren't required by a contract to deliver social value, you may just be very nice people with a commitment to your own CSR / ESG. We applaud that and would love to help you by providing our compliance and testing services to your business. Do you have premises that serve the public, staff that work from home, offices or any other places of business? We can provide In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (previously PAT testing), Emergency Light Testing and general circuit testing at competitive rates whilst also providing our unique social impact.

Commitment to Net Zero

Our impact is your impact. When you work with us, we commit to spending our profits from your contract on tackling climate change. We do this by rewilding our countryside, planting lots of lovely trees, funding beach and sea cleanups, wildflower meadows, bee sanctuaries and much more. We can help you offset your carbon emissions and meet your net zero commitments.

Contact Electrasafe today for a chat, coffee and let's see how bright the future can really be.

The Green Team

Amanda, Brian and Steve

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